Normally, when we move, I try to be as organized as possible.  I try to pack suitcases so I have clean outfits for each child for the time needed until I can do laundry again.  Normally, though, we have large, cross-country moves. 

This time, we did a local move, and although I tried to organize as much as possible, everything happened so fast, it just didn’t happen as I would have liked.  I packed for everyone, but with the farm trip immediately prior to the move, we used most of the clean clothes up.  Then, due to several plumbing issues in the new house, once we did move in, we were without water for several days. 

So, what happens when you are disorganized and can’t find the boxed clothes and have no water to wash the dirty suitcase clothes?  Your children begin setting their own fashion statements, you make do, and as a mom, you try really hard not to feel too guilty.

My poor daughter was so tired, she went to sleep in her church clothes (and I let her since I couldn't find enough PJ's for everyone), and my even more pitiful son was forced to wear his sister's pink and purple pajamas. Hopefully he will recover.

The next day, I was completely out of clothes for poor A, so he had to wear those girly PJ's all day. When he went outside, the only coat I could find was his little brother's and the only shoes I could find were his snow boots (there was no snow out). *SIGH*

Thankfully, that was then, and this is now, and things are improving.  I have finally unpacked all the clothes and have almost gotten the cold weather gear and shoes organized.  I am getting caught up on laundry, and my children are starting to look more like farm kids than orphans.