Here are a few snapshots of what is keeping us busy in our new life.

The outside:

Everyone gets involved in farm work! JR is trying to pull up an old T-post.


We managed to give the chicks and turkeys a new, temporary home. A friend lent us a stock tank for the turkey brooder, and we used the turkey box to expand the chick brooder. They seem pretty happy for now.


Our latest, customized, extra large, outdoor rabbit cages. We are still waiting for our last roll of wire to arrive, and then all the pieces can be assembled. We are so excited!


My little garden has expanded a bit. Now, in addition to rhubarb, horseradish, and lilies, I also have strawberries. I have several other things started in pots inside, and lots of seed packets just waiting their turn. I just have to find the time.

The inside:

When I get a little further along, I hope to do some before-and-after shots of everything.  Things are coming along though.  Every evening, we sit down for our family worship time.  Daddy plays his guitar, and we sing songs of praise to our heavenly Father, and I can’t help but reflect on everything He has truly blessed us with over the last few weeks.  I cannot express how much I am loving my life right now.  I only wish I could have more hours in the day to experience it and accomplish all that I want to.