OK, based on the comments, I guess I am going to have a lot of upset readers.  Would you believe we didn’t get a single picture?  Sorry.  I’ll try to keep it mind for next year’s Dining Out.  I have decided to get rid of the dress though!  Honestly, I would of been a little embarrassed posting a pic of me wearing it on my blog.  Let’s just say, when I walked out and asked my children how I looked, my 6 year old exclaimed, “MOM!  You are showing waaaaaay too much of your chest!”  Then, after fighting with keeping certain areas covered all evening, I decided that dress wasn’t worth it! 

We had a wonderful evening, though.  The grog wound up being a pretty funny mixture though.  A young engaged captain was in charge of the creating the grog, and due to his hectic schedule, he called his fiance’, who by the way knows NOTHING of military life, and asked her to come up with a recipe.  Apparently, she assumed it was just punch, so she went to allrecipes.com, found a yummy recipe for spiked punch, mixed it up, and all evening, the staff rather enjoyed being sent to the grog.  The handful of senior cadets in attendance particularly enjoyed the grog, and by the end of the evening, it was completely gone–probably the first time in history!  Afterward, a few of us more experienced attendees gave this young captain and his poor fiance’ a lesson in what the grog was supposed to be.  They found it dispicably funny, and are looking forward to next year’s event.  Oh, and by the way, S did wind up having to visit the grog at one point. 

This year, there was no dancing or hanging out afterwards, and S and I were left with about an hour and a half before we had to get home to the sitters.  So, we stopped at a local Mexican food diner to just sit and hang out together for a few minutes.  I got one of my favorite drinks, a virgin Pina Colada, which is a very rare treat for me for many reasons.  We sipped at our drink and just enjoyed each other’s company sans children. 

Then, we returned home, I quickly changed into my ugly but warm flannel PJ’s, threw on a coat and some loafers, and went out to milk the goat.  Back to life as normal–but with painted nails!