Well, the kids not only survived the chilly night, but they are thriving.  I caught the little doeling nursing this morning, and she is sprightly and cute as her brother!  Both are still pretty wobbly, but very playful!

I do have a dilemma, though, and am not sure how to best handle it.  I would love you experienced goat-herders opinion here…

The little doeling and Sara have bonded and attached very well.  Lilly hangs out by mom, Sara always has her in sight, and grooms her anytime she is near.  The buckling on the other hand, is no doubt Mr. Independent.  He confidently strays all around, couldn’t seem to care less where mom is, and although he does nurse on Sara, and she knows it’s her baby, he has taken a real liking to Lilac.  He nurses her as much, if not more.  Lilac seems to almost have adopted him as well.  She grooms him, follows him around, etc.  Anyone who didn’t know the difference would swear each doe has a baby! 

I am not sure how to handle this.  Will his nursing Lilac be a detriment to him since he is getting less colostrum from Sara?  Aside from the fact that he is taking the family milk away from me by nursing Lilac, will it help increase Lilac’s milk supply, or ultimately decrease Sara’s at all?  I could seperate Lilac if I had to, but it really would make things difficult at this point in time.  Is there a major downside to just leaving them be?  Should I plan to start milking Sara sooner to prevent milk loss? 

Please let me hear your experiences!