This weekend, we were blessed once again by our open adoption with R’s birthfamily.  Her birthmom graduated highscool, and they invited us to join them for the celebration.  It has been a rough year for her, between the pregnancy, the birth, the adoption, family troubles, then a later hospitalization for an unrelated illness, and yet, she still worked hard and managed to finish her senior year.  We are all proud of her, and eagerly accepted the opportunity to attend the ceremony.  After the graduation, we all headed to her house for a cook-out, where we also met more family and friends.  We were instructed to keep the adoption hush-hush, as there were others in attendance who were totally unaware that she had even been pregnant.  At one point, we even witnessed the shock on an uncle’s face when an immediate family member told him who we were and how we were “related.” 

My heart did skip a beat a one point, when a trouble-making family member (who was very against the adoption) showed up unexpectedly at the graduation.  The birthfamily explained that this person was bold enough to confront us if she figured out who we were, so we were, sadly, unable to associate with the birthfamily at all when this person was in the same room.  I felt like there were several times the person was eye-ing us closely trying to figure out what was going on, perhaps suspicious.  Then, as we were leaving, we tried to avoid being anywhere near them by just sneaking out the back door to head to the birthfamily’s house, but, wouldn’t you know, this person came out at the same moment!  We were within 2 feet of them.  It was almost humorous how the birthfamily jumped in, causing a distraction, showed absolutely no recognition towards us, so we just took the hint, and kept on walking–right out the door, and past the trouble-maker.   Whew!  Close call, but it all worked out just fine. 

So, now, I have more priceless pictures to add to R’s scrapbook.  I have pictures of many of her family members holding and loving on her, admiring her chunky little fat rolls and charming smile.  I pray there will be no doubt in her mind that she was loved by all!