With the completion of our hen coop, and the unexpectedly rapid growth of our animals, we have been doing a lot of pen cleaning and animal re-arranging. 

When the coop was finished, the hens moved from the goat pen to the coop for free-ranging.

Then, the turkeys moved from the brooder pen to the goat pen.

Finally, the growing chicks moved from the garage brooder to the brooder pen. 

All the birds are happy, foraging to their hearts’ content.  Of course, there are still many unknowns, but the plan is for the turkeys to be harvested in a few more weeks, so they are in their final pen.  The roosters and a few cull pullets will also be harvested, so those will likely remain in the brooder pen until harvest.  The only birds that will likely change homes at this point are the choice pullets and a lucky rooster or two that will be moved to the hen house to join the layers in a couple more weeks.