Goat kids sharing the brooder with the chicks. Every evening, they all go in together (by choice) and cozy up for the night.

I need about 6 more hours in a day to accomplish half of what I hope each morning.  So much to do, so little time.  As soon as we finish one project, it is time to move on to the next.  That all being said, we are making great strides around here, and I think we can see light at the end of the tunnel.  It just happens to be a really long tunnel still! 

Today, we actually got started on the hired cleaning that has to be done.  We got the septic tank and clogged drains all cleaned.  Tomorrow, the HVAC guys are coming to clean all the vents, ducts, and the 25-year-old original furnace.  I can’t wait to hear their opinion on its projected remaining lifespan!  Tomorrow evening, we have the flooring pros coming in to give us an estimate on re-carpeting all the bedrooms, and maybe on laying some other flooring on the stairs and entry areas.  I am sooooo looking forward to getting the awful animal-urine smells out of here!  (FYI, the smells are in the carpets from when we moved in…not from our animals!  Just wanted to clarify!) In addition, S managed to finally get the front door working properly.  You’d think opening and closing would be easy enough, but not with this door!  It stuck so badly that the children couldn’t use it.  He had to replace the threshhold, make some major repairs to the hinges, and tear out and re-do the entire backside of the frame.  Alas, it is done, and it works like a champ! 

Of course, at the same time, we have about a dozen other projects either going on or needing to start.  Our pressing to-do list includes:

  • Replace front door
  • Rebuild front deck
  • Rebuild back deck
  • Trim trees for perimeter fence
  • Install partial perimeter fence
  • Finish organizing interior of house
  • Finish painting interior of house
  • Replace roof on Hen House to make coop more portable
  • Add walls on goat hay shed before the rain and hail season
  • Install goat supplement feeders
  • Build portable goat shed
  • Start goats on rotational grazing
  • Harvest goat buckling
  • Harvest roosters and cull pullets
  • Harvest turkeys
  • Fix children’s play area
  • Paint animal housing and play area

At that point, we can breathe a sigh of relief.  Then I have next year’s to-do list to look forward to, as, at that point, we will really be preparing the house to sell the following year.

  • Replace woodpecker-damaged house siding
  • Finish landscaping
  • Repaint necessary areas
  • Clean paint and other residue off windows (might do this year, but low on the priority list)
  • Possibly smooth out driveway
  • Who knows what else!

As soon as we think we are done here, it will be time to move to Red Gate and start that hard work over!  In the mean time, we are planning at least 2 vacations a year back there to complete as much of the pressing work as possible, including building whatever animal-housing we can.  Hopefully, that will make life MUCH easier when we actually move in.  We’ll see.