As parents and believers in Christ, S and I often pray for our children.  We pray for wisdom in raising and training them according to God’s will rather than our own, we pray for strength and endurance on those tough days, we pray for their spiritual well-being and that they will grow to have a personal relationship with Him.  We pray for many things, and there are some times when it is easier to see prayers being granted than other times. 

This week, one of our biggest and most important prayers were answered.  JR has been asking a lot of very deep and thought-provoking questions about God, the Bible, and Salvation over the last year.  While we have encouraged such discussion, we have been very careful not to encourage anything JR wasn’t completely ready for.  Over the last week, though, and particularly since we arrived home from our trip, JR’s questions had intensified.  It was clear that the Holy Spirit was “knocking” and convicting our little 6-year-old son.  Then, during our family worship time one evening this week, JR made a prayer request that made it obvious that he was ready and feeling that call–even if he didn’t fully understand what was happening. 

S and I put all the other kids to bed, and allowed JR to stay up a bit late for a special meeting.  We answered his few questions, cleared up some misunderstandings, and by the time our little chat was over, JR asked to pray with us.  I am absolutely thrilled and elated to report that our oldest child accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour!  It will be such a blessing to continue raising this precious child, and to see how God chooses to use him as he grows and matures both physically, and in his new found faith.