I have a number of local readers, so I thought I would let you know:

Instead of trying to find room in our freezer for our last turkey, we thought we’d offer him for sale first.  Now is your chance to share our delicious, homegrown meat for a lower-than-retail price.  Here is my Craigslist sales pitch about the turkey:

“We have an extra Broad Breasted Bronze tom turkey available.  Our others dressed out around 20 pounds 2 weeks ago, so he is likely to be slightly bigger than that.  He is right at 4 months old, and has been raised as naturally as we could manage.  Since we got him at 4 days old, he has not been exposed to any antibiotics, hormones, or medications.  We used a regular course of diatomaceous earth to deworm (safe and completely natural) and a periodic treat of fresh, raw, goat yogurt as a digestive probiotic.  He has been housed often free-ranging our farm during the day, eating the bugs and plants God designed him to love, and penned in a clean, safe, extra large pen at night.  He has had lots of room to run around, flap those beautiful bronze wings, and could choose whether to bed down at night inside a large shelter with a deep layer of straw, or roosting on the shelter roof outside (usually his preference).  This turkey has had a great life.  He is being sold alive and well, and you can take him home like that, or we can help/show you how to dress him.  If you’ve never had fresh, healthy, naturally raised turkey, you are missing out!  They are packed with natural, rich flavor, and I can offer tips on cooking if desired.  Lots of people settle for organic, but this is far beyond organic!” 

Ok, I’m done.  I confess, I’m a little tired of plucking birds, so we are trying to sell this one.  If you are used to Wal-Mart $.69/lb Butterballs, then you don’t know what you are missing!  These naturally grown, flavor-packed,”beyond organic” guys can sell for upwards of $100 in the retail world, so we are offering him for a steal (we are new at this, after all).  Best of all, rather than having been raised in a polluted-air, medicated-feed, sunless CAFO environment, then destroyed and frozen for long periods of time prior to your purchase, you can see first hand where he was raised, and, if you know us personally, then you know how we value and treat each of our animals in such a way that they are happy and thriving until the very end. 

If you are interested, you can e-mail me directly at crmemory2 (at) yahoo.com