I officially have 2 children that have exited the pre-school stage, and entered the elementary stage of life.  It is so hard to believe, but M is now 5 years old! 

She has been planning her birthday for a while now.  She told me she wanted her day to start with breakfast-in-bed.   

Then, due to the hectic day we had, we decided to let her open presents before Daddy left for work.

Even little R got in on the action.  We had purchased a bonnet for both girls, but couldn’t give R hers until M had hers.  So we did both that day.

Then she wanted to help me bake her cake, and she wanted it to be a carrot cake with pink icing.   

She changed her mind frequently on what she wanted to do in the evening.  We have never been big into parties, so I somewhat discouraged the idea of a big party, and instead encouraged her to choose one of the other options she had considered.  She ultimately decided she wanted to attend a local “Family Barn Dance” and potluck event we had been invited to.

Sadly, it wound up too chilly for any of us to really participate in the outdoor barn dance.  Yeah, it’s the end of July, and it’s chilly!  Go figure.  Anyway, S had come down with a stomach bug and felt horrible, the toddlers hit meltdown and became uncooperative, and M was cold.  So we decided to head on home.  On the way home from the barn dance–right at bedtime mind you–M fell asleep.  I woke her up, and while putting on her pj’s, she suddenly started sobbing.  I ran in and asked her why she was crying.  She was bawling her eyes out, looked up at me with those innocent eyes, and said, “I don’t know!”  We shooed her off to bed at that point, tucked the kids in, and said Goodnight.  The next morning, M kept talking about what a great day she had had, so I think she was just worn slap out! 

Happy Birthday, M!