I needed to get some good pics of my adult goats for several different reasons, so this afternoon was spent cleaning them up a bit.  M helped with the bathing and grooming, and JR was my photo helper (meaning they aren’t perfect).  Despite the lack of professionalism, though, I must say, I am very impressed for a couple hours of work! 

Stallion before:

Stallion after:

Lilac before:

Lilac after:

Sara before:

Sara after:

Sara is the one I am most impressed by.  I actually didn’t even get to bathe her.  I have noticed her long, course hair has gradually been being replaced by shorter, finer, shinier, healthy-looking hair–to the point she was almost looking patchy in areas.  Finally today, I decided to clip the old, rough stuff off.  I gave her a full-body clip to see what was underneath, and I must say I was thrilled to discover that, although she is a lean goat by conformation, she was not nearly as thin as a I thought, and I think she looks great!  I think she may just turn out to be a fine dairy doe yet!