I generally hide the fact well, but truthfully, I have roots planted deep in Redneck-ville.  So, I can totally appreciate a situation such as follows (btw, I have no idea where this originated, but it wound up in my e-mail box):

Instructions for Red Neck Camping:

First, most of the time is spent on the front porch whittling down a MASSIVE solid pine 4×4  to fit precisely down into the hole in the ball mount receiver.  Second, add a piece the 14’x14′ piece of 3/8′ plywood to the underside of the tailgate to distribute the load more evenly and beef up that tailgate support.

Third, add some super heavy-duty chain for extra support on the tailgate, (note the ‘Heavy-Duty ‘S’ hooks to attach the chain) .

Fourth, go ahead and invest in some BIG Number 5/16 sheet metal screws to attach the hitch frame to the tailgate (see ’em there?  one on each side…) .  Consider two more through the carpet into the floor pan inside…. Yep, probably overkill, but don’t want the possibility of having an accident, ya’ know!

Fifth, air up the rear tires a bit (’bout 160 psi). 

Finally, hook that baby up! 

All hooked up and ready to roll!  Amazing how that extra weight smooths out the ride! 

Anyone care to join this fellow for a little camping trip?   The ride alone will be lots of fun….just look at the backdrop of mountains he gets to cross through, pulling that rig!