Oh, my goodness, what a couple of weeks we have had.  I was stuck posting quick photo clips just so you would know I was still around.  Things have been hectic, but all in a good way!   I will update you in the next few posts, as there as been so much going on! 

First up, an update on R…

R is doing wonderfully!  She is now 7 months old, and all that fresh goat’s milk is working wonders on her.  Her pediatrician is amazed by her, and thrilled that we are taking a more natural, organic approach.  She is almost 20 pounds, and already wearing 9-12 month clothes, and is just as cute and cuddly as can be.   Check out those fat rolls! 

She is also starting to darken up a little bit.  She is technically biracial (1/4 AA, 3/4 CA), so the color is finally showing up a bit on her hands and feet, and the rest of her body is taking on something of a tanned look.  Her hair is still very fine and causcasion-like (A’s had already turned courser by this age), but it is starting to show lots of curls.  She started crawling this week, so life will only get more hectic now, I fear.  She isn’t quite sitting up yet, but I suspect that has more to do with the fact that she can’s sit still long enough.  She just wants to go, go, go.  She will periodically take a few-second break from her crawling and busy-body antics and position herself into a leaning, half-sit type thing, then it’s off to the races again!  It only took her about a day to find my canning jars on the low kitchen shelf, and Will’s water bowl.  Now I am working on trying to teach her to stay out of the kitchen.  Here is a video of her crawling. (I should warn you we were in the middle of our evening family worship, but she was so cute on her still-wobbly arms, I couldn’t resist grabbing the camera!)


We just got word today that we FINALLY have a court appointment to finalize her adoption.  It’s not for another month, but we are absolutely thrilled they finally made space for us!  The journey to having her as our daughter is almost over, and the end is in sight.  By this time next month, we will finally be a family of 7 legally as well as physically!