Canning season has arrived, and it has kept me busy the last couple weeks!

I have been canning up baby food puree’s for R.  Every week, I seem to get a new box of bulk produce that needs to be preserved.  Last week, it was 20 pounds of green pole beans.  This week, it was 40 pounds of peaches.

I’ve also been freezing peaches for future smoothies, and dehydrating peach puree’ for fruit roll-ups.  This summer, it has been quite a bit more fun, as I taught a little class to some ladies from church when canning the beans, another friend helped with the peaches, and my little man is finally old enough I can leave him unattended with a knife and a cutting board to help out.

I’m only about half way through the canning deliveries so far, so we still have nearly 100 pounds each of apples and tomatoes coming in the next few weeks.  So, if you don’t hear from me, it’s probably because I’m drowing in tomato sauce or applesauce.