We have had a busy, busy week building a new fence.  The front acre and half or so of our property is full of pine saplings, underbrush, briars, and tufts of all kinds of grass.  Nothing lush by east coast standards, but great grazing by CO standards.  We realized we needed a good, multi-purpose, fenced pasture for several reasons….to help protect the chickens this winter, to keep the chickens out of trouble around other areas of the property they like to dig up, to give the goats a life outside of their dry lot pens, to give the donkey an opportunity to run and graze, as well as to be with the goats more so she can protect them more efficiently, and finally, to utilize all that animal power to clear and clean up that part of the property.  We finally finished it Thursday evening, and I am thrilled to no end to see my animals so happy, doing what they were created to do!

I have never seen my goats play, romp, and run so much.  Especially Sara!  I’m not sure if it was the new herbal dewormer or what, but in the last 3 weeks, Sara has truly come to life.  She runs, plays, head butts Lilac, limits how much she allows Lilac to push her around, and best of all, she EATS!!  About a 2 weeks ago, she suddenly started eating like crazy!  I have never seen this goat eat like this.  She meets me at the gate, noisily begs for food, eats out of my hand, tolerates me petting her, cleans up whatever I give her.  It’s truly miraculous the change in this goat!  And now, to see her running and playing, is absolutely wonderful!  Grazing time has become about the only time of day when Shiloh (the donkey) and Stallion (the buck) are quiet–for the most part.  Those are the 2 most talkative animals!  

We also got the chickens moved into the pen.  They aren’t quite thrilled to be behind a fence, but I figure once they realize they still have over an acre to free-range (behind them), they will move away from the fence and be fine.

Shoot, if I’m real lucky, maybe the new life change will force some of these new girls to start laying some eggs!