I am beginning to have visions of what it will be like to not be completely depended on 24/7.  JR is reaching an age where he is becoming increasingly dependent, but also with a desire to mimic S and I in our roles and responsibilities.  This is proving a true blessing to us!

This evening at dinner, JR set the table as usual.  I normally sit at the end of the table, opposite S, and beside R so I can feed her while I eat.  Tonight, however, I noticed that JR switched places with me.  I explained that I needed to feed R, and he said, “I’ll take care of her, Mom.  You sit by Dad.”  I can’t argue with that.  And he did.  Throughout the entire dinner, he carefully cut up soft veggies for her, spoon fed her potatoes, and got other items as we made suggestions.  It was strange for me to sit there in a reverse role, doing very little, while I watched my 6 year old so willingly and whole-heartedly filling a role that required so much maturity and responsibility.

Just last week, I was feeling quite tired as I had been pulling some late nights.  JR got up one morning and told me I could sleep in and he would handle breakfast.  Now, he often serves up porridge, but on this particular morning he requested that I let him cook up some scrambled eggs.  Wow.  I considered my options.  My bedroom door was located just a few feet from the stove top.  He had assisted me in making eggs on MANY occasions, I knew he had the know-how, and he had proven himself very responsible around the kitchen.  I figured I might as well let him try.  So, I gave the go-ahead and feigned sleep as I monitored his every move.  He expertly cracked and scrambled the eggs in a bowl, heated a skillet, sprayed it with oil, and cooked the eggs.  Then, he proceeded to serve everyone up a plate and set the table.  The next thing I knew, he was bringing a plate of perfectly scrambled eggs to me in bed.  He said I needed to eat too! 

My children have proven to be such a blessing on so many occasions.  Now, however, we are entering a new realm of child-raising and training.  I love seeing their hearts developing with a passion and true joy in serving others.  M is beginning to show signs of following in those same footsteps, often noticing things that need to be done and just doing them unprompted.  A and N are attempting the same at their own maturity levels.

Of course, we still have our constant messy areas and daily struggles to accomplish chores.  We still have our moments of sibling rivalry and selfish competitions.  It is those little moments though, that are so priceless and treasured.  And I thank God for each and every one of those moments, as well as each of my little human blessings.