…to have a 7 year old?!

I know, I know, most of you with teenagers are not feeling sorry for me in the least.  Fact is, I never felt sorry for you either, as your children aged and you wondered the same thing.  But I do now.  It finally hit me. 

A few days ago, my firstborn child hit the mandatory-school age.  He is Mr. independent.  And he is a true joy to have around.  Alas, this post isn’t about me, it’s about him, so…


As is becoming our tradition, it started off with breakfast in bead.  Nothing fancy, but he enjoyed the attention, and I suspect silently reveled in the jealousy of his siblings. 

We had a busy day planned, so we gave him the choice of presents right away, or with cake after dinner.  Even the best 7 year old can’t resist presents, so of course it was right away!

My little cowboy has been wanting real boots and a hat for a couple years now.  Now that we have the donkey, it seemed justified.  In some twisted kind of way.

We told him he had to try it all on.  Prepare yourself.  This is not going to be pretty….

Yes, he is in his underwear.  I have no clue why his shirt is tucked into his underwear, and he seemed to think his new boot socks were knee-highs.  I do believe this is THE photo I will preserve to embarrass him with in the future. 

Then, it was off to our busy day.  He did, of course, get to wear his boots and hat (and more appropriate clothing), which totally thrilled him.  Once dinner rolled around, we were back to his birthday celebration.  

It has become our tradition that the birthday person chooses what kind of dinner we have, and what type of cake I make.  In terms of dinner, all our normal rules go out the window.  If they want a restaurant, we go.  If they want me to cook something, I cook.  We do our best to serve.  JR wanted to order pizza from a little mom-and-pop shop we treat ourselves to on rare occasion.  So, we ordered pizza with JR’s specified toppings.  

JR’s favorite cake for several years now is carrot cake, so I set to work making it.  Unfortunately, due to our schedule that day, I was running a little behind.  His only request was that I make a carrot to go on top of it.  I knew this was far beyond any practiced skill I had, and wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off.  I was also too tired to do the clean up that would be involved in mixing food color into the frosting, putting the frosting in those squeeze baggies, and so on.  So, I totally cheated. 

You see, the best deal from this little mom and pop operation is one of their continued “specials”, which involves pizza, breadsticks, soda, and desert.  I know, it’s totally against our normal diet.  They don’t substitute, so we have been collecting the sodas for several months.  I figure we’ll have a party eventually where we can offer the sodas to others.  The food we manage to eat over several days.  It isn’t too bad since they make it all from scratch and use far less grease and oil than most pizza joints.  Still, it’s a rare treat. 

Anyway, I had requested their sampler desert, which includes a little slice of carrot cake, among others.  Well, wouldn’t you know that their little slice just happens to have a perfect little cream cheese carrot on top!  So, I stole it and put it on JR’s cake.


It was a perfect solution!  Then it was time to sing, “Happy Birthday!”

I’d say it was a great day, all in all.  He only takes his boots and hat off when we make him, but they seem to be a staple part of his outfit now.  JR also got a gift from his Nana, but she made him open it several days early (she can’t keep secrets very well!)  It was the game “Operation”, with which the kids have found no end to the fun of creating buzzing bodily noises. 

Happy 7th Birthday, Little Buddy!