We have had non-stop crowing since these new roos arrived.  At this rate, it will be very easy to harvest them, just so I can have some peace and quiet around here.  A handful of them are around 8 months old, and they are the worst culprits when it comes to crowing.  Especially this one, who happens to be a Turken–which, in my opinion is the absolute ugliest chicken to ever walk the face of the earth:

The kids have nick-named it “Ugly Chicken,” after the original naming of “Elmo.”  He’s big, though.  I would estimate around 6-7 pounds, so he will hopefully provide a couple of yummy meals for the family and/or pets.

This guy is just the opposite, and is quite pretty.  He is a cross, I suspect between an Americauna (the lady had a bunch of those) and who knows what else.  He does closely resemble my Light Brahma roo, though, which makes me wonder if he has those genes in there somewhere.  He also happens to be quite noisy, so his days are numbered. 

Then there is this guy, who I THINK is a Rhode Island Red roo (please correct me if I’m wrong).  He is quite pretty, and, I must admit I am considering allowing him to move in to the layer coop to be spare roo, since my other spare got nabbed by the fox.  Seeing as how my smaller RIR hens are not willingly allowing much breeding by the massive Lt. Brahma roo, I might even stand a chance of getting some purebred RIR if they take to this guy more willingly. 

Most of the other roos are not really noteworthy, and all are destined for the freezer…with the exception of 1, which may have a postponement of harvest since I’m not convinced it’s a rooster.   We’ll see. 

I just cannot express to you how much I am LOVING this life!  The adventure, the mystery, the anticipation….it’s better than a great novel!  And certainly better at controlling the waste-line than sitting and reading a novel–especially with all the home-cookin around here!  I feel so blessed that God has granted us this opportunity.