Our CSA co-op recently hosted their annual Harvestival.  The kids love attending this, despite the fact it is 2 hours away.  There are always lots of activities for the kids, as well as educational things for the adults. 

This year we learned all about the apple cider press, an item that is on our list for the future:

Then there’s the petting zoo and animal pens, where kids can observe all sorts of animals that are used around the farm–hogs, sheep, goats, alpaca, donkey, emu, chickens, mini-horses, ducks, etc.  After they got their fill of the straw-bale maze, it was off to paint and decorate the barn and their take-home flower pots.

Of course, we had to take advantage of the hay ride around part of the 2000 acre farm:

After the ride, we had to go redeem our CSA tokens for some pumpkins!  Remember, everyone around here earns their keep.  So, M and A volunteered to help haul the pumpkins back to the car.

By the time the pumpkins got stashed away, everyone was getting hungry, so we headed over to grab a bite to eat, and let the kids run off any extra energy by dancing with the band music.

Finally, we headed over to the face-painting booth, where the farm always has a performance- art student doing the painting.  The kids generally pick from a photo line-up, though she will free-hand.  She does a pretty impressive job, and has quite the assortment of specialized tools to work with!

Just for the record, I have no idea what my children are pretending to be.  I think M just liked the colors, and JR was drawn to the horns of his chosen design.  Oh well.

Finally, it was time to head home.  By that point, they had run out of energy, and everyone except JR fell asleep pretty quickly.

Another Harvestival complete!  We all had a great time, and S and I took away a few ideas for hosting our farm days in the future.