….you are enjoying a nice, hot shower, and your hubby barges into the bathroom and sets the frozen, metal 3 gallon chicken waterer in the shower in front of you, explaining (in the name of conservation, of course) that you need to thaw the ice while you shower.  You proceed to thaw ice, rinse the container, complete your shower, and then, before exiting the shower, you ensure the container is filled with warm water for the chickens, and then clean the drain of animal debris. 

….you are trying to hurriedly get dressed for your hubby’s annual work Christmas party, only to discover your only red sweater has bits of straw stuck to it, your dressy coat has grain in the pockets, one pair of gloves smells like a buck-in-rut, the other pair of gloves are full of bits of hay, and your shoes are covered in manure.

….you are attending the above-mentioned Christmas party, and the host brings you the phone.  You discover your 7 year old son has somehow convinced the babysitter of the immense importance of the topic at hand, which meant he had no choice but to allow the phone call, all so said 7 year old could fuss at his dad about not watering the rabbits properly earlier in the day.