I can’t help it.  I have weaknesses.  I’m human.  I’m a woman, for Pete’s sake!  I NEED CHOCOLATE! 

And I need it on a regular basis.  Don’t even get me started on “needs” vs.  “wants.”  You know how some folks need their coffee before they can function in the morning?  Well, for some unknown reason, I can’t stand coffee.  Even the smell of it repulses me.  But, I need my chocolate like some need coffee.  Not necessarily first thing in the morning.  (Though sometimes, a nibble to get me out of bed helps).  And there are certain days each month where, without a good dose, I can be just plain crabby!  I try to be good though.  I stick with dark chocolate as much as possible.  That negates any downsides, right?!  In fact, my favorite source happens to be my hubby’s cousin who makes the most amazing chocolate truffles you will ever taste!  I can’t quite handle the 99% chocolate, but oh, how that 75% just melts in my mouth (pardon me, I’m drooling right now at the thought of them).  It’s a good thing he lives in Wisconsin, or I would possibly bankrupt us buying his chocolates!

The good news is, I have a hubby who loves me dearly.  And sometimes, he even likes to prove it.  About once a year, he orders a batch of those truffles, or, like the other night, when he came home from work, and handed me this:

Oh, it was exactly what I needed since I had eaten my last Snickers bar to treat a low blood sugar about a week prior.  Talk about dealing with some serious cravings!   He loves me, though, and came through just in time!  And with surprises like that, you can bet I love him too!!

Thanks, honey!