Remember how I described A’s drinking fetish a while back?  His truly has a medical reason, we are learning, and may one day be brought under control.

N, on the other hand, has developed a hat fetish.  I don’t think there is any diagnosis, and certainly no cure!

What is up with the posing?  I said “Smile!” and this is what I got.  Where does he get that?

Ya’ know, being from the south, I have seen many black folks walking around with picks stuck in their hair.  (BTW, don’t tell N I called him “black;” he claims he’s “chocolate!”).  We white folks don’t have a tendency to do that.  I have determined it’s plain and simply because the pick just flat out won’t stay in my fine hair.  But, now, I’m wondering if it’s a genetic instinct to store a pick in your hair?  If you give N a pick or comb, he stores it on his head.  For later use or portability I assume?  Maybe it’s time to get him a wallet or man-purse?

Seriously, where does he learn this stuff?! 

There is no doubt, N is an absolute riot.  That kid can make us laugh at every turn.  He is such a clown, but unlike show-offy kids, his is so innocent–as though he has no clue how downright hilarious he can be!  We just never know what antic he will pull or statement he will say next.  Ahh….just another of life’s adventures!  When it comes to the age old question of “Is it nature or nurture?” however, I can honestly say he doesn’t get this stuff from around here, or from TV, or from friends, so I guess that leaves a genetic something-or-other causing it!