I guess my blog is a little backwards from real life.  After all, about 85% of my life revolves around my 5 little, 2-legged, human blessings, and 15% farm and everything else.  Yet, my blog seems to be quickly approaching 85% farm and everything else, and 15% kiddo posts.  Oh well.  I guess it’s my journal, so I get to post what I want. 

In any case, I figured that I should put something related to the children for the city-folk grandmas if nobody else.  So, grandmas, here are some random and completely miscellaneous photos, facts, and video clips of the kids for you….

R, now almost 11 months old, is still doing fabulously!  She is a good 2 feet tall, and weighs in around a hefty 25 lbs.  With her chubby cheeks, roly-poly thighs, and extra winter insulation, let’s just say she doesn’t miss any meals!  She is crawling…fast…now, pulling up to stand, creeping along furniture, pulling down everything we think is out of reach, eating solids, being slowly weaned from her bottle, and generally playing the role of an early toddler.  That of course, means she has discovered where we keep the pet food and Will’s water bowl, and he has discovered all my canning jars, which I obviously had some sort of brain failure when deciding to locate the storage shelves at toddler level.  She recently realized her will occasionally differs from mine, so she is learning that she doesn’t always get her way–no matter how cute she is!  She now has 8 teeth, and she knows how to use them.  She reminds me of that everytime I reach into her mouth to remove her latest discovery.  And, she is just plain fun.  Happy as all get out, flirts and teases anyone and everyone, but most of all, she LOVES her “ma-ma” and “da-da!”

It looks as though her birthfamily will be joining us next month to celebrate her 1st birthday.  We are looking forward to that time with them.  They haven’t seen her since May, so I can’t wait to show her off!

Then there’s the other 4.  I will do another post on A and N later, regarding their naturopathic healing issues.  In the mean time, N will soon be 3, and A is coming along nicely.  JR and M are just a few weeks from being 1/2 of the way through their school year, which thrills me to no end!  I suspect it will come in handy when all those baby goats start being born.

Shoot, there I go again, talking goats.  Sorry.

JR and M usually instigate all the crazy games, and A and N just tag along and mimic.  Whatever works, I guess. 

Don’t bother asking, because I have no explanation.  Just a typical morning around here.

Finally, here are a few quick video clips of some of the kids at dinner recently.