We finally got to pick up our second Alpine doe this weekend.  We found and bought her sometime ago, but weren’t able to get her until this month.  She is a 5 year old, Alpine doe from beautiful lines.  Many does and bucks in her lineage, as well as her and several of her daughters have won a number of championships and/or earned milking stars.   Her confirmation is beautiful, with a great udder, beautiful teats for hand-milking, and a history of excellent production.  Her past daughters are beautiful, and have proven themselves time and again.  With bloodlines like Rancho-Snowfall, Windsong Pines, Redwood Hills, and Iron Rod, we are incredibly excited to welcome her into our little herd as a foundation dam.  She is currently bred back to a Harmody Alpines buck (Susan B’s Elvis), so we expect the kids will be top quality babies, with lots of bold color!  Welcome to your new home, Onyx!