My goat is going through the pre-labor stages, and I’m the one with the headache and no sleep!

Lilac officially moved into the garage kidding stall last night.  Sara joined her to keep her company.  Although it is making my life easier to have her close by, she is driving me half crazy!

For 2 days now, Lilac has been doing lots of stretching to get the babies positioned correctly (See photo above).  After moving her into the stall last night, it was obvious the babies were moving down.  She started doing goofy things with her head, stretching and rolling it backwards on a regular basis.  Her vulva went from the classic puffy to the “almost-there” sucked-in appearance.  She keeps looking around  at her sides.  Then, around bedtime, she started vocalizing.  She mumbles and rumbles to herself.  If I go out to check on her, she begs me to keep her company (for those of you who think I’m nutty, just humor me on this….she REALLY is begging for my company).  In fact, the garage is right under my bedroom.  In the middle of the night, for no apparent reason, she started talking loudly a couple times.  She paced her stall and finally got quiet when I came down to check on her.  Then, as I turned to leave, I could swear she started crying as she begged me to stay.  By midnight, her ligaments seemed to be gone, and I could feel her entire tail bone.  I never did see her laying down, as she seemed to prefer just standing and stretching for hours on end.

To make matters worse, Athena lost her marbles last night.  She had been in the house for 2 nights, and has been an absolute gem.  We have had no trouble with her whatsoever.  She goes right into her kennel at night, sleeps without a peep, and waits patiently for us to let her out in the morning.  Until last night.  For some reason, she was stressed.  She panted, rolled around, kept scraping and banging her kennel as she moved.  I couldn’t sleep at all from the commotion, so I finally released her to let her go lay on the living room couch, which she will lay on for hours without moving.  She went in, and then proceeded to start getting up and down, up and down, and whining.  I took her out on multiple occasions, and sometimes she went potty, so that wasn’t the problem.  Even she didn’t seem to know what she wanted.  By 2 a.m., I was tired of dealing with her.  I had had about 1 hour sleep all night, and then it dawned on me….maybe she sensed something up with Lilac.  So I took her to the garage.  She sniffed around, but didn’t seem interested in Lilac, and kept focusing on the door like she wanted out again.  So, I let her out.  Eventually, I tried taking her out to the goat pen, where she seemed very interested.  I opened the gate, and let her join the remaining 3 goats.  She went to a nice, straw-padded spot, curled up, and laid down, then looked at me as if to say, “It’s about time you figured it out!”  So, 2 days/3 nights after her spay, it looks like she has moved back in with the goats.  The pen is just small enough she really doesn’t run or jump much (limiting activity is important after a spay), so I just won’t let her out in the pasture for a while, I guess. 

In the mean time, Lilac continues working her way towards delivery….slower than watching a pot of water boil.  I’m literally waiting on the goo at this point, as it’s about the only thing remaining to happen (IF it happens, I guess it doesn’t sometimes).  I decided to start keeping a photo journal for my future reference.  I’ll show it to you when it’s finished (in the event you should find yourself in my position one day).  I figure if I’m going to be checking on her around the clock, I will take photos as I notice changes, document the times, and then, when she finally has the kids, I’ll be able to see how she progressed.