In case you are wondering….we are still on baby watch!  And it’s making me very nervous since I will be gone most of the day on Wednesday. 

Now, back to our regularly scheduled post…

I wanted to update you on our community rabbit hare-pen burrows.  In the event you desire to construct such a thing, here’s a tip….don’t use aluminum ducting.  I know I sort of said that in my previous post about it, but this time, I’m really saving you money.  I knew the things were flexible, I knew the rabbits might try to crush them down and escape underneath or over the top.  I never considered the fact that the metal could be so much fun to pull apart!

The rabbits are loving their new burrows and underground nest boxes.  One of them loved absolutely shredding the ducting.  It won’t be long before they have only bare dirt tunnels left, as he has stripped about half the lining out at this point.  Looks like our search for large-diameter clay or concrete pipe is in full force now, before they start creating new burrows from these burrows.