Running a farm and having lots of young children eliminates any need for an extra-curricular workout.  I mean, who needs to jog when you chase a toddler all day?  And S certainly has no use for weight lifting any more when he has these boys to keep him fit!

Speaking of boys, little A has a big appointment with the neurologist tomorrow.  Once again, I am not hoping for anything to be wrong, but at the same time, I am sooooo very much hoping he can give some insight or answers or direction….something.  I overheard JR talking to A this morning.  I cringed as he said, “A, you are going to see a new doctor tomorrow so he can tell us what’s wrong with your brain so we can figure out why you treat everybody so mean.”  That’s isn’t exactly how I explained it to the children, but I guess that’s the way they understood it.  It breaks my heart that the others veiw A like they do.  It takes so much effort to keep the peace when he is around, due to his complete lack of self-control when I am not in the room (and even then, there is only slight improvement).  In any case, I am hoping for something out of that appointment. 

And in other, goat-related news….we are still waiting.  The furry, little stinker!  I think she is just waiting for me to leave tomorrow!  After the last 5 days of 2-3 hour checks, that would just be so unfair!