I just got off the phone with the Children’s Hospital regarding A’s MRI results.  Everything came back normal. 

We are both relieved and puzzled.  Relieved, of course, that A’s brain shows no damage and we have ruled out the 2nd concerning condition, which was degenerative.  Puzzled, because we still have no explanation.  It is looking more and more like his issues may be unrelated and possibly a result of the drug exposure. 

Now, I have to schedule the appointment with the endocrinologist to double check his metabolic system.  Hopefully that will give us something for the continual thirst A deals with and the smell he has at times.  I also have to get him in with Early Intervention so we can start his therapies.  I am hoping they will accept him, as they are the only ones I know of who will send the therapists into the home–which I feel is the only way I can deal with frequent appointments.  The neurologist also mentioned that we may need to have him see a psychiatrist to check for underlying issues and/or get recommendations on good ways to deal with A’s behaviors. 

Thus, the journey continues…..