We recently celebrated R’s 1st birthday.  It is so difficult to believe that it has been a year since she was born.  Time truly goes faster with each child we have!  She started walking about a week ago (though she still cheats and crawls on occasion).  We got a real treat when her birth family agreed to join us for the celebration.  For their privacy, I must limit or disguise the photos, and withhold all video, but we had a lovely time with them–except for R, who is going through a “cling-to-Mommy” phase, and wanted nothing to do with them. 

I spent the morning making a carrot-cake (the overall favorite of our family).  Shortly before lunch, her birthmom and grandparents arrived, and we all gathered for lunch.  As a general rule, we keep birthdays pretty small and just-for-family–especially for little ones.  

For some unknown reason, R was absolutely terrified of her biological grandfather.  He is a rather tall, large guy, and he has a moustache, so I can only assume he overwhelmed her somehow.  She eventually let her birthmom hold her just for a minute, and she would occasionally play peek-a-boo behind Daddy, or sit in my lap and play with her birthmom. 

They were patient, though, and everyone took tons of photos.  Her birthmom actually made a photobook for her, but sadly, it didn’t arrive in time.  I am truly looking forward to receiving it, and storing it for when R is older.  What a treasure that will be some day!!  Grandma (S’s mom) gave her Raggedy Andy to complete the Raggedy Ann doll she got for Christmas, and we gave her a little push-and-ride, solid wood, zebra. 

So, once again, I am out of the infant stage.  In case you lost track, we have a 1 year old, 2 3-year-olds (A and N), a 5 year old (M), and a 7-year old (JR).  I don’t feel old enough yet, but we are certainly blessed! 

For your enjoyment, here are a few extra photos taken during an impromptu photo session with R recently….