JR has been full of surprises lately–sometimes hilarious, sometimes just surprising. 

#1:  We have a joke where, if the kids catch us “sampling” food outside a regular mealtime, we will come up with an excuse such as “I just needed to taste it, to make sure it was OK to eat!”  One morning, JR caught me snitching a little bite of R’s leftover birthday cake.  I gave that excuse.  About 2 hours later, we were on the way to church, and JR was handing out snacks to his siblings.  I turned to find him munching on R’s snacks.  When I asked him about it, he replied, “Oh, I was just tasting them to make sure they were OK for her to eat!”

#2:  A documentary about America’s food system was produced last year, and I have been wanting to see it for some time (Fresh, the Movie).  It was finally opened for public viewing this past week, and I told everyone we were having a family movie night.  When S arrived home from work that evening, 7-year-old JR excitedly told his dad, “I’ve been waiting SEVEN YEARS to see this movie!!”

3#:  More shocking than funny (at least for me), looks like we are reaching a very critical milestone in JR’s maturity level.  We have always loved Schleich animals for their life-like detail, and the kids have several with which they play regularly.  Today, out of the blue while I was making lunch, JR walked up to me holding our very anatomically correct Hereford Bull.  He flipped it over, pointed to, ummm….specific hanging parts…..and asked, “Mom, is this what gets the girl pregnant?”  Ummm….”Yes, sort of.”  Thankfully, answering simply was all that was required, and he walked away without further explanation.  I, on the other hand, haven’t recovered yet.