Isn’t it funny how God works?  It’s not that I think He likes to see us struggle or anything like that, but sometimes, I get this vision in my mind’s eye of Him sitting back, and enjoying a little entertainment, as we mortals bang our heads against brick wall–especially when we forget that He is ultimately the one in charge.  Before we get too bruised, He loves us enough to step in and gently remind us that He takes care of everything.  Then, of course, as soon as things start going smoothly again, we repeat the process all over again. 

After countless head bruises from my banging my head on the wall in my attempt to do the best for A, S and I prayed one evening, and just turned it all over to God.  I felt I had done what I could, and though we felt further steps were a good idea, the appointments I wanted and that the specialists recommended just weren’t happening.  We handed A to God, as we had done when he was an infant during a dedication ceremony, and asked God to give us the wisdom to know what steps to take, or the peace to just trust God to provide and allow A to develop at his own pace.  It is just so easy as humans to forget to do that, and to forget that God always provides in His time. 

In any case, all of a sudden, doors are opening all over the place.  For some reason, S jumped the gun a bit, and decided to start making phone calls to the clinic patient advocacy, to the primary care pediatrician directly, and to the specialists we were still supposed to see.  Based on what he found out, we have appointments opening left and right–anything we want.  We are both puzzled.  For example, during 4 phone calls seeking an endocrinology appt., I was told the doctor had to consult with the endo, all medical records had to be faxed and THEN the appt. could be made.  But even then, there were no openings until August.  As of today, some angel answered the phone at the endo’s office, and next thing S knew, he had an appt. in April, no consults required, and a simple request that paperwork be faxed as we have time.  It was that simple.  But that wasn’t all.

A call to the pediatrician apparently determined there was a huge middle-man/voicemail/whatever miscommunication, and the doc (well, his middle-man nurse) told S that the ped is happy to do any consult he needs, and will do whatever it takes to have A seen wherever he needs to be seen.  Not only that, but she was as baffled as S when she discovered that we had a physical therapy and a speech therapy appt.  Apparently, the referral he authorized was for a simple consult with a doctor, and somehow, unbeknownst to anyone (God at work, perhaps?), that referral turned into the appointments we got.  As if that wasn’t enough, they have also already authorized the occupational therapy A so desperately needs, and apparently did so quite some time ago.  It got lost in the Tricare system somehow, and we were never notified (despite my five-million phone calls to them–OK, slight exaggeration).  Whatever happened, it’s there now, and I just have to get the info (which S is working on) and make the appointment.  They also informed us it will be done without any threat of public school intervention (like the IEP process), though we may wind up paying something out of pocket, which is fine by us. 

Suddenly, things are moving….FAST!  Appointments are beginning to stack up, and I really don’t know how we are going to handle it.  S is already talking about finally having to buy a second “beater”/commuter car (anyone have one for sale?) so I can have the van when I need it.  I also have no idea what I will do with the other 4 children for all these appointments, but God (and dear friends) have provided so far, and I have no doubt He will continue to do so.   I do have my house-help still available on the 2 days she normally works, but at $10 an hour, I try to minimize her time, for obvious reasons! 

I am just in awe.  Guess I needed to struggle a bit to be reminded of how God works in his own time, and we remember to truly trust Him to make things happen as He sees fit.  I have, however, told S that he may just have to handle all future appointments, seeing as how things seem to happen a lot better when he makes phone calls! 

“Ask, and it will be given to you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and he who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Matthew 7:7-8)