Hard to believe it has been over a month since  I posted!  OK, I know I did that little series on marketing, but truth is, I typed that up months ago, and saved it for a busy time when I might not be able to do other posts.  Now, though, here I am, back in blog world, on a beautiful Mother’s Day.  My family has gone off to church, and I am home with a sick and quarantined baby, so I figured it was a perfect time for some catch-up blogging. 

It has been a busy month in every aspect.  First, my mom came out for a visit for 2 weeks in April, and I managed to get some projects checked off my list while she was here.  One night, we took her to the Flying W Ranch in Colorado Springs, and she took some great pics of the kids for us!

Then, over dinner one evening, we got into a discussion about government and politics with the kiddos, and they started asking questions about what it meant to vote for officials.  This discussion turned into an impromptu skit on politicians running for office and how we vote.  Nana and Daddy got to be the presidential candidates, making promises and telling how they would best serve the nation, complete with one candidate  offering all sorts of bribes (don’t worry, we won’t name names, Nana). 

The kids had to decide who was best, write it on their ballot, and I got to be the tie-breaker.  It was a lot of fun, and a great lesson on one of the things that keeps our country running. 

Remember the big military formal I posted about last year? (you can read it here)  Well, it was that time of year again, and since Nana was here, I got to have a special day out with M to doll up for it this year.  We went shopping (I needed a new dress, remember!), got our hair cut, got a manicure and pedicure (so much easier than last year!!), had lunch out, and generally enjoyed the day together.  M just melted hearts everywhere we went.  She even got extras like decorated nails and a full hair-do at no extra cost just because the folks liked her so much!  (Guess I need to behave better next time!)  Then it was time to rush home so I could get ready for the evening.  I am embarrassed, but I promised photos last year.  This was rushed, and remember, the camera always adds 10 lbs!

We had a great visit, mom was treated with getting to witness our last doe, Faith, freshen, and then she returned home in early May.  The kids really enjoyed spending time with her and being spoiled, and I think it is so much fun that they are getting old enough to remember her visits and make memories with her.  Even baby R, who generally doesn’t care for strangers, took right to “Nana”, and had a friend from the first day.