Waldo Canyon Fire, photo found on the Gazette website.

I sit here amazed on so many levels.  You may have heard about the Colorado wildfires on the news.  I am living in the middle of them.  Literally.  Last I heard, we were surrounded by at least 11 wildfires around the state, and to my knowledge, the Waldo Canyon fire, pictured above, may be a #1 priority in the nation.  Now, mind you, for the time being anyway, we are perfectly safe.  We are located in a fairly safe area for the most part, about 20 miles from the Waldo Canyon fire.  Nonetheless, we have friends who live near to these fires, some of whom have had to evacuate their homes.

So why am I amazed?  Several reasons.  First, it always absolutely amazing and awe-inspiring to see the hand of God, and see how powerful a force Mother Nature, one of His creations, can be.  Secondly, I am amazed at the idea that there is a very good chance most of these recent fires in our area are being caused by an arsonist.  Most have been contained in a timely manner, though the Waldo Fire is still 0% containment (although they are not sure if it is the work of an arsonist or not).  The mind of someone who could do such a thing, with no regard for those affected, amazes me.  The pure selfish-mindedness, and the anger that person must feel toward something is very sad.  Finally, though, and importantly, I am amazed by the astonishing support offered by the folks in the area.  People are coming out of every direction, setting up resource pages where volunteers can list services, vacant space for evacuated families, foster homes for animals, and more.  Many people spend the day driving around collecting donations and getting them to the appropriate agencies.  If a need is mentioned, it hasn’t taken long for the need to be filled by generous volunteers.  It could bring tears to your eyes.  It is truly the picture of a community effort, and shows why it so important that communities be willing to depend on and help one another.  There were over 11,000 people evacuated over the weekend, and yet, thanks to volunteers, all had their needs sufficiently met.

For the record, we are part of a network of volunteers offering to house families, livestock, and other animals should an evacuee need it.  If you know someone affected by this fire, feel free to direct them to my site.  I am checking my e-mail frequently, so I can contact them back.  In the mean time, please pray for peace for the people who are affected, no matter the outcome.  Many people are just terrified and panicked in the area, so I pray that God could use this incident to lead some to Him.