Last year, we began what we hope will be an annual tradition of hosting a “Farm Day.”  Essentially, folks come out to our farm for a day, and follow us around while we do our normal farm duties, teaching mini-classes as we go.  We have a cheese-making demonstration, give the attendees opportunities for hands-on experiences, have a potluck lunch, a discussion on the Biblical principles and life-experiences that have driven us to make the choices we have, and there are tons of activities for the kiddos such as a new bucking barrel, donkey rides, and much more.  At the end of the event, S actually gives a class on animal harvesting.  We have debated continuing this lesson, as butchering animals is certainly not the most pleasant of activities.  However, the requests continue to come in.  Attendees want the whole picture, as many are considering moving into this type of lifestyle, and I guess they just want to know everything that is involved in self-sufficiency.  The thing that never fails to amaze me is that most of the time, men are the ones initially interested while their wives insist they will not stay for the harvest.  Yet, when it comes time for the actual task, so far, EVERY SINGLE person that attends has gathered around to watch.  Most people comment on how surprised they are at how easy, quick, and completely painless the killing is, and how fast we can have meat ready for the oven.  It truly seems to get them thinking.  In regards to this portion, I love a motto we have adapted from natural farmer Joel Salatin, and that is “our goal is to give our animals an incredible, happy, wonderful, natural life that involves just one bad day.”  Of course, if all goes as desired, it is literally one bad moment.

Unfortunately, because we do run this event by ourselves, we were not able to take any photos.  We had over 20 people this past weekend, for a planned private event that we were asked to host for, and then next weekend, we are expecting around 60 people for a more public Farm Day.  I hope to have a volunteer I can ask to take photos for me.  In any case, though, I did manage to take a video of what I am most proud of…..7-year-old JR giving his first public speech, as he taught the rabbit class.  He had been asking to do it for some time, we practiced a couple times prior to the event, and we informed the family we were hosting that he would be doing it so they were aware and prepared.  There was no need though, as he did awesome (if I may be biased).  We allowed him to speak, and when he seemed stuck, S or I would just ask him a pertinent question to get him going again.  It’s about 10 minutes long, and somewhat far away as I didn’t want him to know I was videoing him, lest it distract or make him nervous, but I have to share: