Our second, and largest, annual Farm Day event took place this month.  This year, there were around 50 people attending, but we also had volunteers to help out this year, which was a HUGE relief for us!!  With the reduced workload on us, we enjoyed it much more than last year.  Unfortunately, no matter how many times we emphasize that parents MUST keep an eye on their children at all times, there are always parents who either trust their 3-8 year olds to behave and overcome temptations and peer pressure, or there are those parents that get so focused on the session we are teaching that I suspect they temporarily forget they have children.  Seeing as how I’ve done that myself, I can totally understand the latter!  In any case, this year we were blessed with volunteers that provided many extra eyes and ears to keep youngsters out of trouble, and to gently remind parents when necessary.  The following are a few photos taken of the day, compliments of a friend of ours…

Goat milking Session

A brave attendee trying his hand at milking.

Asha, the donkey foal, waiting her turn to play with all the kiddos.

Puppy Love

Compost Session

Bobbing for Apples

Teaching about honey bees

The baby bunny kits were a huge hit during the rabbit session that JR taught.

For the cheese-making session, I taught how to make vinegar cheese and mozzarella cheese. This is me stretching the mozzarella–a fun cheese to make!!

The “Goat Milking Simulator.” For the sanity of my real goats, only adults are allowed to try milking the real goats. Kids get to use the simulator, which is a big hit even if it is made from wood and plastic!

R and a friend keeping her out of trouble

As always, we had a great farm day, and greatly look forward to hosting more in the future.  Next year is up in the air, as we hope to be selling our house, and the kids and I will be moving back to Red Gate, and then the following year will be busy with S retiring and moving back.  Sometime that year, though, we hope to offer Farm Days once again.  In the mean time, you can enjoy the two following videos.  The first is a video of the activity that was the most popular with kiddos–the bucking barrel.  M is demonstrating how it works.  Clearly, she is an up-and-coming bronc rider!


Next is JR’s second time speaking in public, as he teaches the rabbit session at Farm Day #2.


So that wraps up Farm Day 2012!  We look forward to hosting again in the future!