A few months back, JR was convicted spiritually for some time, and decided he wanted to ask Christ into his life.  Since then, he has developed an insatiable appetite for learning all he can about God, heaven, Jesus Christ, and other related spiritual topics.  He also expressed a great desire to be baptized.  Unfortunately, our church at the time didn’t have a way to baptize, as they were a new church meeting in a school cafeteria.  Then, last fall, we left that church for personal reasons, and began looking for a new one.  We eventually settled on a brand-new church plant near us, where a wonderful group of families gathered in the hosts’ basement each Sunday morning. Several months later, we discussed the baptism issue with the pastor, and he agreed to figure something out.

This past week, another church plant who also started small, but now has their own building, decided to donate a portable baptismal to our church.  Because the host lives in the city, however, we couldn’t put the baptismal in his yard, and he had no place to store it.  So, they asked to have the baptismal ceremonies here at our place.  This past Sunday morning, the pastor delivered the baptismal, and we prepared it for the baptism.  Everyone went to the hosts home for the normal service, then drove over to our house for the baptism and a potluck lunch after.

For those interested, here is JR’s baptism, with a brief explanation of “Believer’s Baptism”–the type of biblical baptism that we practice.  I apologize for the shaky camera, as I had a very squirmy 18 month old in my lap, and she was intent on helping me film.  There is also a bit of background noise, as we had about 30 people there, behind the camera.  I did my best.

As he mentioned in the video, JR has begun asking deep questions, and coming up with profound analogies of his walk with Christ.  It is so amazing to hear these things come from a seven-year-old!  Again, this morning, out of the blue, he came inside and said, “Mom, I just realized something….being here is like a vacation!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

JR responded, “I mean like our home is heaven, but we are here on earth, like on vacation, for a while, and then one day, we will go back home to heaven.”

I don’t know where this kid gets this stuff, but he sure makes me think.  He is truly the picture of innocent, child-like faith, and I absolutely love it!!  To be blessed to see God working in my child’s heart and life, and see the fruits that develop as he matures in his faith and grows in his understanding, is nothing short of a gift straight from God.  I look forward to its continuance, and pray I will see the same in the lives of my other children some day!