Over the last year, life just seemed to get busier with each passing month instead of slowing down.  Between raising 5 children, homeschooling, preparing for fall semester, dealing with A’s appointments and therapies, hosting the organic foods co-op for our area, organizing an organic animal feeds bulk-sharing program, teaching several animal-harvesting classes, and trying to run the farm, it all culminated with our two recent Farm Day’s that we hosted.  Fun as it all has been, we were truly exhausted.  S and I talked, and decided that it was time we re-prioritize, and have some genuine family fun for a while!  We looked for ways to cut back our work load so we could just enjoy life for a while.  After much deliberation, prayer, and discussion, I sold Bell, my Kinder doe.  It still breaks my heart, but I have peace that we made a good decision.  That means one less goat to milk (the other 2 are providing more than twice what our two does last year did–and more than enough for us), one less goat to feed in our hay crisis, and one less goat to clean up after.  Another HUGE project we recently accomplished was to have our “slash” (the dead branches on the trees and fallen organic litter on the ground) cleaned up.  The wildfires helped make this a priority.  The only problem is, in CO, you aren’t allowed to burn organic trash like this, so it has to be manually cut, gathered, collected, and hauled off.  It was a huge job, so, because of S’s incredibly limited time, we decided to hire the job done–an incredibly wise choice, if I may say so!!  With this job completed, S felt more free to have a little fun with us.  Before we move next year particularly, we wanted to be able to enjoy the beautiful state of CO and see some of what she has to offer.

Here are just a few of our recent fun times, in addition to some of the other posts you will soon read:

My mom saw how badly S and I needed some couple-time, so she gifted us a voucher to go take rock climbing lessons, and then play on the indoor climbing walls.  As it turned out, S and I were the only attendees that day, so we got personalized instruction, and then got to spend a couple hours climbing.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t take many photos, as while one of climbed, the other was holding the rope from the ground to keep them safe.  The ground person can’t take their eyes off the climber, and more importantly, they can’t take their hands of the rope–to take photos for example.  I talked the instructor into taking a couple for us instead.

S getting harnessed up and receiving some instruction prior to his climb.

Me climbing the wall.

S climbing a rather challenging wall. I only made it about half way up this one, when my muscles started quivering so badly I couldn’t hold on any longer. Muscle fatigue happens very quickly!!

Remember that portable baptistry we used for JR’s recent baptism?  S volunteered to store it for the church since they don’t have room, and we couldn’t bear the thought of just dumping all that precious water after the single baptism.  Thus, we temporarily decided to re-commission the baptistry as a swimming pool for the kids.  And boy, did they have a great time!!  They were able to swim for a couple of afternoons, until the water became dirty enough that we could justify using it to water the plants instead, and then put the baptistry in our garage storage.


A few other random photos and activities of the last few weeks:

Push-up time! N figured out a way to keep his workout pretty low-key!

Bath time for the littles. It’s their favorite activity, I think!


A little evening family worship time. R is starting to enjoy the singing time, and is also starting to sing to her own tune!

You can’t have fun without a little donkey love on occasion!! Asha, the foal is getting big, and we are all having a blast working with her.


We recently tried our first, healthy, “green” smoothie, which consisted of a mixture of water, kale, and several types of fruit. It was, surprisingly, pretty good, despite how it looks, but I think R enjoyed it more than anyone!

18-month-old R having fun at the park.


M trying to give R a bike lesson. Guess it’s time to get a new tricycle for R, seeing as how our last one finally died!

Stay tuned for more of our recent fun!