Since we are on a “have some fun family-time” streak at the moment, S decided to work with A and N to see if we could wean them off their training wheels.  JR learned at age 4, and M learned to ride at age 3, so we figured, “Why not try?”  After a few sessions of raising the wheels and working on balance, he took off their training wheels completely and told them “No more!”  Then, he took them out to our beloved, low-traffic, packed-dirt road in front of the house, and sent them on their way.  Just 2 sessions later, our little pre-school boys were riding on 2 wheels!

Now, perhaps this isn’t such a big deal to you.  However, you have to realize a couple things here.  You see, when N was 12 months old, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  He couldn’t sit up, he couldn’t stand, and we were told not to even expect him to WALK before he was 3.  Riding a bike wasn’t even part of the picture just 2 short years ago.  Thanks to a God-ordained miracle, however, our little boy is not only walking, but running, climbing trees, and now, riding a 2-wheel bike with almost perfect balance!  And he’s only 3!

OK, ok, I said he’d learned to RIDE.  I didn’t say anything about him having learned to STOP.  That’s totally different!

At the same time, our other son, 4-year-old A has some neurological issues.  Despite seeing specialists for the last 6 months, participating in countless tests, and now dealing with 2 therapies a week plus seeing a neurologist on a regular basis, we still have no official diagnosis.  What we do know is that his balance is lousy, he is the clumsiest child we know, and he is prone to injury (just read a few recent posts!).  Yet, thanks be to our Heavenly Father, A is actually riding a 2-wheel bike!  Last week, his therapist concluded we are nuts for even trying.  I can’t wait to tell her this week that he is actually doing it!

4-year-old A enjoying his new found speed! Yes, sadly, he did inherit M’s pink bike and helmet. Seeing as how he’ll outgrow it all before long, I’m pretty sure it won’t damage his psyche any to use it for awhile. We just let him periodically share the boy’s bike N inherited from JR on occasion 😉

Truly, this bike-riding thing is a BIG…no, make that HUGE….deal for our family.  It has offered encouragement, excitement, hope, and promise for the future for our 2 little boys, neither of which had any say about how they came into this world, but have, for reasons only God knows, been placed in our family.  We have our moments of frustration and discouragement for sure, but every now and then, something akin to miraculous happens, and it puts a smile in our parent-hearts and on our little boys’ faces, reminding us that God alone is in control of the journey our life will take.  He gives and He takes away, and as long as we are willing to follow Him and His leading, we simply have to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Our 4 happy, bike-ridin’ kiddos!