“Sugar and Spice and everything nice…that’s what little girls are made of….”……most of the time, anyway!

I love that little poem.  It’s so cute, and, generally speaking, kids are pretty cute too.  Most of the time, I can even see how it’s relatively true.  Take 19-month-old R for example…so cute, innocent, sweet, and cuddly.  With her love for her puppy and pillow, and her constant desire for giving hugs and kisses and even imitating her siblings (and mommy), there is no doubt she is all girl!

19-month-old R and brother 3-year-old N sitting on the bench together. N was in time-out for misbehaving, and R decided to keep him company.

She’s always good for hugs!

Then again, she has 3 brothers.  I think they have confused her a bit, dampening some of that little girl sweetness, as evidenced by the trouble she seems to get into on a frequent basis. For example, she has a passion for putting everything–and I do mean EVERYTHING–in her mouth.  Her diapers almost always contain bits of crayon that have managed to pass on through.  At least her diapers are easy to change!  She tells us she’s dirty, backs her little bum up so we can check it, runs to her room, waits eagerly to be lifted onto the changing table, and sticks her legs straight up in the air.

Ready and waiting!

Sick of dirty diapers, and seeing as how she displayed most of the signs of being ready for potty-training, I decided to give it a go.  She loved it–as long as I allowed her brothers toys to keep her entertained on the potty, including the harmonica she is playing in this photo.

Potty Training attempt #1–totally failed.

For the record, I totally gave up after one day.  I decided the diapers were a little easier for a few more months (I have always trained around age 2 in the past).

They have also managed to teach her how much fun the outside chores can be–when you don’t necessarily get straight to doing them.  I witnessed this first hand, as she found the egg-collecting basket (I think I was looking for it at the time), and decided it made a perfect hat!

Basket? What basket?

Oh! This basket! Yup, I have it, and you don’t, and I’m not gonna give it to you!! Nah, nah!

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the climbing!  Her trouble-seeking brothers have taught her well!  She can climb on pretty much anything she sets her mind to.  Most of the time it’s fun:

Like when she gets to clean-up snack leftovers on the table…

Or finds JR’s hidden treasures up on his bunk!

Other times, she gets stuck and can’t get down, but knows Mommy wouldn’t be happy if caught, so she doesn’t cry out, but just waits patiently, until Mommy finds her sound asleep where she doesn’t belong:

Like on her dresser at nap time, instead of in her bed.

Oh yeah, she is totally and completely sound asleep!

Despite her antics, though, she is one cute kid!!  She’s also a BIG kid.  At just 19 months, she is now comfortably wearing size 3T !!  She weighs as much as N, if not more.  The girl is a tank, and can out-eat half her siblings at any given meal.  I have already gotten a few “looks” from other people who think my 3 year old should be acting more mature, until I explain she is only 19 months.  Funny how that makes them more understanding.  When folks see S and I, they know those big genes didn’t come from us.  Sometimes we might confess she got them from her birth family, but most of the time, we just blame it on the raw goat milk!!

She is a sweetheart, though, and I am cherishing every moment I have with her!  We have been so blessed with this little girl, and I look forward to watching her grow up over the years–crazy antics, and all!