When you are parents of 5 kiddos, getting away is not an easy thing to do.  We have been tremendously blessed by some friends who have started baby-sitting one night each week so S and I can have a date night.  After our night adventures a couple weeks ago, S decided he wanted me to learn to use our guns, in the event I was home alone if something like that happened again, or even if I did need to go out in the middle of the night with all the large predators we have around here.  So, he arranged with a friend of ours who is a member of a private shooting range to take us out and let me get some practice.

I look a little goofy shooting, but I was pretty good at hitting the target. I am going to work on my stance a bit though.

I got to compare a number of different weapons, which the friend brought along, in addition to my own.  I shot a Glock, a .380, a revolver, a .32, and a .22 semi-automatic pistol.  It was great getting a feel for the different guns, practicing loading and unloading, and we had a few jams I had to work through.  The Glock was great in terms of sheer power, the .22 was nice, light, and easy to load, I hated the revolver in general, the .380 was easy to hold but had a surprising amount of kick, but my overall favorite was my old faithful Browning 1910 semi-automatic .32.  It’s a little difficult for me to load, and was one of the most difficult to site, but I eventually got the hang of it.

Not bad for a house-wife who hasn’t used a pistol in quite a few years!

S got a little practice in as well…

S was the first to actually hit the bullseye on the target.

My hubby can shoot! I feel safe if he ever needs to actually defend us!

After just one evening on the range, I feel sooooo much more comfortable using my gun.  We are going to practice a bit more, as I’d like to get a lot smoother in the loading and handling of it, and get a little more consistent in aiming.  I would also like to work on shooting at a bit more distance.  I was proud of myself, though, and very appreciative for the opportunity.  I think we will be doing more of that!