So I have figured out a big part of my posting problem.  When I first started blogging, I did it at night after the kiddos were in bed.  Seems like a great idea, but these days, I am too tired to think that hard at that time of day.  I will probably start doing it again soon enough, but I have other things I going at the moment–folding laundry while watching a little Netflix being a big one.  On the other hand, I am finding I am totally in the mood for blogging in the morning, just after breakfast and morning chores are finished.  If I blogged in the mornings, I used to do it while the kids were doing their school seatwork pages. The problem now is that M uses the computer for her school videos.   So, I am trying to find a way to work around her schedule.

That random, useless info being said, if I get a chance to blog, I would prefer to blog about something that might actually be useful to you readers.  So, I have so many topics and photos from all different genres, what would you prefer seeing until I really get going again?  Farm stuff?  Animals?  Frugality tips? Organic, made-from-scratch recipes? Organizing tips? Kiddos and family adventures? Biblical related topics?  Or should I stick with the hodge-podge of a little of all the above? Something else?

Hopefully a few inputs will help me kick this brain in gear again.  Thanks in advance!!