My oldest had a birthday almost a MONTH ago, and I have yet to post his photos!  It’s not as bad as one spring birthday we had, though, in which I never did get around to posting it.  Terrible, I know.  I’ll try to do better in the future.  Hopefully the old adage “better late than never” will help make this offense excusable.  Probably not.  Oh well, I’ll try anyway…..

JR turned 8 years old!  E-I-G-H-T!  I can’t believe it.  I know, I’ll probably say that every year as my oldest ages.  Things were a bit busy, so we weren’t able to have an official party for him as we’d hoped.  Thankfully, he is an awesomely easy kid to please, and is happy with about any option.  So, we decided to fit in a mini-celebration in the midst of a huge reunion S was in charge of, and allowed JR to pick a restaurant.  We had a lovely dinner, complete with deserts, then went home to open presents.

We had promised Nana and Grandpa (my parents) that they could watch, so we Skyped them when we got home, and she watched as he opened his gifts.  Here are a few photos from the evening:

Nana and Grandpa watching via Skype as JR receives his new planner for his rabbit business, which has gotten quite busy. Every kit we have is typically sold before weaning, and he keeps a waiting list of folks. I have to reserve rabbits with him if I want any for dinner!

JR modeling his new oilskin duster, perfect for farm work so his normal parka can stay clean for outings into town.

You can’t have a kid’s birthday without at least one cheap toy, so we got him a pogo-ball. We actually got M one also, so they can compete.

He got other gifts from the grandparents as well, but I forgot to take photos of those.  Remember I told you he was easy to please?  After the pretty decent birthday celebration we thought we had given him, his absolute, very, most long-awaited, favorite gift of all came just this week–his first loose tooth!  He has his father’s slow-to-develop genetics, and the dentist had predicted it would be sometime late this fall.  He was right on!  Not only did JR get one loose tooth, but this morning, the second one is loose as well!  He may lose both bottom fronts close together.  They are gonna go out with a bang!  We are trying to convince him to let us tie his teeth to his remote control 4-wheeler and drive them away, but so far, he hasn’t let us 😉