I fell behind again.  I do find some relief in knowing I’m not the only one.  Everytime, I sit down to read my blog-roll, they are typically anywhere from a year to a week behind too.  So, thanks for keeping me company!

This has proven somewhat an unusual fall here in the high plains of CO.  We typically see snow several times before the end of Oct, and are battening down the hatches for a long winter by November.  This year, though, we had a single snow that lasted about 2 days around the end of October, and then a heat wave (if you can call 50* highs and 20* lows a heat wave!) that has lasted ever since.  The kids had a blast, as kids do, though.




All the snow melted within 3 days (to my great relief), and there’s been no sign of it since.  We have taken advantage of the warmer weather to do a better job winterizing this year than last, in hopes of making life a lot easier this go around.  The quick snow spell also gave me an opportunity to see which children had outgrown what parts of their winter wear, so the last couple weeks gave us some time to re-stock our winter gear to keep everyone warm.  I think it’s all done, and as much as I don’t really like being cold and trudging through knee-deep snow to milk twice a day, I feel like I am ready for it.

We are expecting temps to plummet again this weekend, and get a good snow that will likely last a lot longer!