I once won a blog award for “Most Versatile Blog,” so I might as well stick with the reputation.  In just 4 days, I’ve covered potty-training, gardening, goats, and now my girls.

So, we tore apart R’s crib over 6 months ago.  While it was rather easy to teach her how to use her new bed despite the new-found freedom, we have been dealing with one minor battle ever since.  Her sister.


M is in love with her baby sister, while R is equally in love with her big sis.  They play together, M plays “mommy” and helps take care of her, R worships M, M teaches her how to play house, cuddle up together, etc.  M also randomly wants to sleep with R, which leaves R a bit confused as to where she is supposed to sleep.  Frequently, I tuck both girls into their separate beds, say goodnight, check on them later, and find that plans have changed:


Oh well.  Not sure this is a battle worth fighting.  R will have her own bed identical to M’s and they will be located closer together once we move, so hopefully that will help solve the issue, but in the mean time, M either has to wait until R falls asleep in her own bed or just accept that they’ll be sharing beds otherwise.  At least it is a sweet memory for all!