Today marks exactly 4 months to moving day.  While we have plenty of time yet, I’m already starting to feel it.

In the last month, I have reserved the moving van (better rates when you book early), ordered boxes, shown the house more times than I can count, potty trained R, listed all sorts of extra things on Craigslist, started planning finances, hopefully finally got all 3 goats bred successfully, searched almost endlessly for a truck and a trailer, finally decided to custom order the trailer we want (still looking for the truck), trained a new host for the organic foods co-op we host, made several “final” medical appointments for the boys and still have a few more to make for the rest of us, we had another litter of rabbits born, and as of today, officially started packing some boxes.  I figured we needed to de-clutter a little and try to “stage” our house better by purging some of the items I won’t be needing until after the move.

Over the next month or two, my parents will visit, I will hand over my co-op to the new hosts, the chickens should all start laying (up to 20 eggs a day!), several of the hens will be going to a new home, the remaining hens will all be tested so I can transport them cross-country, and I have to plan my March trip to the farm.  In the midst of all that, of course, we are celebrating two birthdays tomorrow (R’s and N’s, whose actual birthdays are a week apart), and one birthday in April.  AND the goats will start kidding.

Naturally, as if we didn’t have enough going on, everything seems to be breaking and wearing out simultaneously.  Our camera has pretty much decided not to work–when I hit the “picture” button, it turns off.  I’m hoping our vacuum will hang in there, as pieces are literally beginning to fall off it and I find myself rubber-banding and duct taping it together.  Our van brake drums seem to have warped a bit for some reason and the rear door hydraulics have totally worn out.  Our printer recently decided to get as moody as the camera, and the kids are all outgrowing their clothes faster than I can replace them.

Yup, life is busy.  Just the way I like it (minus the expenses of the unexpecteds in the last paragraph!).  I have a feeling the next 4 months are going to fly by, and moving day will be here before we know it!!