What do you get if 2 children come running around a corner from opposite directions?

A major collision of heads, which can potentially result in the older, thicker-headed one having a minor goose-egg on his forehead, and the younger having……. well, see for yourself:


And this looks good compared to the day it happened!  Within a few minutes of the collision, poor M’s face swelled up and turned all sorts of shades of blue, red, and purple about 3 inches from her eye in every direction.  She didn’t actually hit her eye, just the bone surrounding it.  I can’t help but wonder if she fractured it a bit due to the swelling and colors.  Not much you can do for a fracture in that area, and she didn’t complain of any headaches or vision trouble, so we just iced it well and kept a close eye on her.  The swelling was down some the next day, but the colors intensified.  By day 3, when this photo was taken, the swelling was almost gone, but the bruising was starting to drain down around eye, and the area surrounding it had turned a nice shade of olive.  This girl is one tough cookie, and hasn’t uttered a word of complaint.  She hardly cried when it happened.  I saw it happen, but neither kiddo made a fuss, so I continued what I was doing.  Then I heard a muffled sound, and walked over to check on her, to find she was actually injured.  She isn’t a complainer by nature, so I have to watch her very closely and ask very specific questions to find out just how bad an injury is with her.  Guess that’s partly a result of being a woman 😉 and partly the result of having 3 brothers!