Our house is officially under contract!  After too many phone calls and some research, we have decided to try to be proactive with this whole inspection/appraisal thing, without spending the fortune we originally feared.  We contacted a highly recommended roofer for an inspection, and got a 5-year warranty on our roof. We also had the septic system inspected and cleaned, and tracked down all our well documents, and proof of repairs, cleanings, and inspections we had done on major systems (like HVAC and electrical) when we moved in.  The idea behind these decisions being that, if the buyer attaches all these warranties and proofs of inspections to their loan application, the appraiser will hopefully see that it is a pretty good house in perfectly liveable condition, and not delay the process at all.  We’ll see what happens, but we are feeling a little less pressured at the moment.  In the mean time, the buyers have scheduled a well-water test and full home inspection this week, so that will be our first big test I guess.  We are hopeful that all will go well, and the process will just move right along.  What a relief it will be to not have a house to worry about here in CO.  Please keep the situation in your prayers.