Milk….it’s been around since the beginning of time.  The Israelites were promised a land of milk and honey.  Third world country citizens can have a lucrative and sustainable business through milk sales from milk provided by their animal.  In America, when we think of “farm,” I think most of us would agree we picture the famous black-and-white Holstein dairy cow grazing out in the pasture.  Milk is a nourishing liquid in its own right, created by God for sustenance of babies.  Every mammal makes it, and you really can’t find another food source more pure and nutritious.

Fresh, raw, whole, pure goat's milk....Ahhhh!  It does a body good!

Fresh, raw, whole, pure goat’s milk….Ahhhh! It does a body good!

Until now.

First, farmers got the idea to bring the cows in from the fields and confine them in dairy dry lots (which, in reality, turned into pens knee-deep in muck and manure).  This introduced greater risk of contamination of the milk, so pasteurization became the key.  By pasteurizing the milk, it really didn’t matter how the cows were housed or fed or cared for, how healthy they were, or whether they had a decent diet.  Pasteurization allowed EVERYTHING in the milk to be killed.  Sadly, this included not only the potentially bad organisms, but the good as well.

Pasteurization became the norm, followed by homogenization.  Then hormones and preventative antibiotics were added.  Ultimately, the actual structure of milk began to change, and, as a result, people began suffering problems ultimately linked to milk.  Lactose intolerance, ear infections, Crohn’s disease, allergies, asthma, diabetes, and many other conditions have frequently been linked, at least in part, to the consumption of this new, treated, milk.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, though, now companies are seeking FDA approval to add aspartame to your child’s milk.  Yup, you read that right.  Aspartame, the horrible chemical-based, artificial sweetener that has so often been linked to migraines in adults, and ADHD, autism, and many other brain issues in developing children.  The theory is that adding it to milk will sweeten the milk, and encourage children to drink more.  As a Type 1 diabetic, I grew up on the stuff.  Then, I began having horrible headaches which I linked to my diet sodas.  Not long after, I learned just how horrible this sugar substitute was.  As if it wasn’t bad enough in its own right, it actually affects the way the brain functions in such a way that the brain signals the body to CRAVE more sweets.  Ever heard of the American obesity epidemic, and then wonder why so many in our population are puzzled by their obesity when they drink only diet soda?  Remember how the big companies slipped the pink slime secretly into your meat?  Now they are trying to ruin your milk.  This is serious stuff, and the only folks who benefit in any way from the use of aspartame are the companies who make it.

Not only do they want to add it to milk, they are also petitioning the FDA for the right to NOT label the carton.  That’s right.  So if this passes, the next time you go to the store to buy some milk, you won’t have a clue if the aspartame is in it or not.  Normally, the FDA requires some type of front label such as “low sugar,” “fewer calories,” or something to that effect to make the consumer aware that something about that product is different from the “standard” product.  Not this time though.  The label won’t look any different than any other milk…..if there is any “other” milk.  They will stock the store shelves with it, they will feed it to your children in the school cafeteria, and if/when your child is hospitalized from some unknown health issue that develops, they will require it to be served to your child in the hospital as part of a “balanced, pediatric diet.”  Think I’m joking?  Research it for yourself.  Just think about the implications.

Now, you may know that I am a huge raw milk advocate.  It is because of the health issues our family experienced in the past.  This includes some forms of lactose allergies and intolerance (but the kiddos are fine on healthy, grass-fed, hormone-free, raw milk).  So, perhaps you are now thinking, “Oh, maybe I’ll just switch to raw milk.”  Not so fast!  Within hours of learning of this new FDA petition, I also learned that at least one state is trying to pass new legislation that essentially outlaws ANY AND ALL raw milk sales.  Others are trying to outlaw herd share arrangements, and still others are busy physically shutting down and arresting raw milk producers.  Raw milk is becoming harder and harder to find.

What can you do about it?  One thing’s for sure….don’t just sit there!!  Contact your representatives through snail mail, e-mail, and phone calls.  See if there are any protests going on in your area.  Check into your state laws and any legislation currently trying to be passed.  As far as this FDA thing goes, they are in the midst of a 45-day window where they are considering the publics’ comments.  So comment.  Let your voice be heard.  Be heard locally and nationally, and say “Enough is enough already!!”  Whether you prefer raw or pasteurized milk, milk from a farmer or from a grocery store, it really doesn’t matter.  This legislation WILL take away any right you have to make that choice.  If you want your child to drink milk, he/she will only be able to drink what is legal–and that certainly doesn’t mean safe!

PLEASE, I implore you, act now.  The FTCLDF is good place to start, as well as any info by the Weston A. Price group.  You can look into the actual petition asking the FDA NOT to approve this aspartame in milk issue here.