Latte, Caramel, and Mocha….I now have 3 goats named after coffee, and I don’t even drink coffee.  Oh well.


Latte, in labor

Our doe Latte went into very early labor on Tuesday last week, isolating herself from the herd, and wanting nothing to do with me or anyone else.  This was highly unusual for Latte, who is a total people-lover and herd queen under normal circumstances.  I have caught her being pushed around by Faith at one point, and Faith is our lowest in the dominance chain.  We monitored her for the next 2 days, and finally, on Thursday, she started active labor.  Now, remember, Latte is the doe that had the interesting breeding to both an Alpine and a Boar buck, all in a 30-minute span, so I had no idea what to expect.  I am thrilled to report that Latte and Blue blessed us with 2 gorgeous, full Alpine doelings!


The delivery actually took an interesting turn, though.  Just as Latte was pushing the first doeling’s head out, a friend showed up with another doe who was in labor and having a problem.  She brought her doe into Latte’s pen so I could help her while still monitoring Latte’s progress.  JR and M were present as well, so they mostly monitored Latte while I assisted my friend.  At first, I held the doe while my friend went in to figure out the problem.  As it turned out, the baby’s head was tucked down and it’s front legs were back, which was preventing progress.  Because I have tiny hands, she asked me to go in and fix it.  Just as I got the kid’s head through, I then discovered that a twin was trying to come through the canal at the same time.  Sadly, we determined that the first kid was already dead, which is probably why there were problems to begin with.  I was finally able to push the second kid back enough and force the first kid through, then I pulled the second out.  It, thankfully, was a little doeling, alive and well.

While all this was going on, my kiddos were reporting Latte’s progress….”Uh, mom, the baby’s out!”  “Mom, there’s another set of hooves coming!”  “Mom, another baby is on the ground!”  “Mom, this baby isn’t moving!”  So I left the doe I had just delivered, and ran to tend to my own doe.  Turns out the baby was alive and well, but very tiny, and her nose had gotten buried under the hay.  I just brushed her off and got mom licking her and she was fine.

Mocha Latte, 9.5 lbs

Mocha Latte, 9.5 lbs

Caramel Latte, 5 lbs.

Caramel Latte, 5 lbs.

As far as our goats are concerned, this is our first labor that did not require assistance, and everything happened exactly as it was supposed to.  We were truly blessed.  The big girl, Mocha, is doing fine and nursing by herself.  The little one, Caramel, is still requiring some assistance with nursing.  She is just so incredibly tiny, and Latte’s teats are so massive, she has a lot of trouble latching on.  I go out about 3-4 times a day, and help her out.  It is a rather interesting bond she has developed, as she knows the milk comes from Latte, but she  has associated me with feeding time.  As soon as she hears my voice, she runs to me, then follows me over to Latte, and waits for me to reduce the swelling of the teat, and lift the teat for her.  I’m hoping she will be able to do it on her own soon, but I don’t know how long it will take.  She is quickly becoming a favorite around here, because she is soooo incredibly sweet and cute.

I will try to get some updated photos soon, now that the babies are more active and able to go out to pasture with mom.  They just get cuter every day.