Momma and the kids made it to Illinois but not without a little adventure. Heading into Kansas they were making good time and stopped to milk the goats and get some gas. About an hour later, D got the low fuel light.  Assuming 4 miles per gallon was a little low on the gas mileage chart she pulled over at the next truck stop. You guessed it, diesel fuel all over the bottom of the vehicle and the front of the trailer.  Two and a half hours later, she’s back on the road with a new fuel line connector that effectively puts diesel INTO the engine vice ON the engine (improves gas mileage that way). Our friend who was following D in the minivan with the kids was also pleased to discover why her windshield kept getting cloudy and smeared. Apparently vaporized diesel fuel from the truck in front of you is a very effective deicer but tends to leave a streaky residue. Needless to say, the 15 hour trip turned into an 19 hour trip with that and a few goat milking stops along the way.

Back at the farm the animals are now in heaven. They’re slowly learning what the green fuzzy stuff all over the ground is. Apparently it tastes a little like hay but has more water in it. The bees woke up to a 3 acre field of blooming alfalfa. Although gluttony is a sin for humans, It’s a survival tool for bees. I’m sure their behive is a vomitorium now as they gather and regurgitate 50 times a day to fill up their honey stores. The garden is growing, the fruit trees are fruiting, and the kids are all sweating (we don’t do that in Colorado). D was so excited about the garden that she had fresh radishes for breakfast the first morning. Mmmmm, nothing better than scramble eggs and radishes. I’m writing this because although the phone works fine back at the farm, the internet is on the fritz. Once she gets up and running I’m sure she’ll have pictures, more stories, and possibley a husband. My brother is flying out as I type to help me load the house and head east.

I know you’re all concerned about me too. Don’t worry, I’m getting along just fine. D left me one spoon, one bowl, one glass and a refrigerator full of leftovers. I sometimes can’t identify the leftovers but the sniff test usually tells me if it’s purposely fermented or dying a slow death. Packing is going well too but last night after a long day of outside dirty work, I decided to shower. Unfortunately I packed all the towels, soaps, and shampoos. Never fear though, I left a dish towel and dish soap out to clean my 3 dishes. It reminded me of the old Palmolive commercial “…you’re soaking in it…”. By the way, they really should make dish towels bigger. I’ll leave you with a warning; dish soap on a fiberglass shower floor has a friction coefficient of zero (sorry, I’m an engineer).